While money does not cure problems that stem from poor strategy execution, it can be a stumbling block that keeps an enterprise from reaching its potential.

  • Bootstrapping your business – we teach business owners how to best go about it. We cover the techniques involved in gaining early income, reducing and deferring costs and expenses and establishing the partnerships that will be necessary. Whether you are bootstrapping or not, these techniques are helpful for all businesses.
  • Start-up financing – how you get enough money to create your business from the beginning and acquire the funding for the launch of your company. This also involves grant financing, friends and family funding, equity financing, loans and other forms of partnerships to get a business started.
  • Managing cash – yes, it is true. Cash is king. We address the various techniques used to effectively manage the flow of cash into and out of your business. We educate and guide you in credit lines, use of debt financing, buy vs. borrow decisions, managing receivables and payables, negotiating payment terms, and many others.
  • Growth financing – for a business that has established itself in a market and wants to expand either within its current market or reach out into a new one. Our team can show you where and how you get the money to accomplish the expansion.
  • Selling your business – getting your business ready to sell and then finding the right buyer is the culmination of all the work you have done to grow your business to where it is today. We advise on what it means to value your business and be ready to sell and what you need to do to effectively get your business to the right buyer.

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